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21-Day Career Transition Challenge At A Glance

21-Day Career Transition Challenge At A Glance

  • Every day of the challenge you’ll get an email, a short video from Julie, a daily action, plus a downloadable PDF to guide you
  • Figure out what you want to do next and what’s out there for you
  • Conquer your fear that you can’t pivot with your existing education and experience
  • Overcome the feeling of being boxed in and pigeon-holed after so many years in the classroom
  • Dissolve confusion about what transferable skills you have 
  • “Un-teacher” your resume and job application
  • Each daily action takes about an hour to fit into your busy schedule
  • Go through the course at your own pace and repeat it as many times as you like
  • Plus, gain entry into my exclusive Facebook group with career-transitioning teachers like you where I give advice, tips, and respond to your questions, and you find community and support
More Course Details

Day 1: Getting clear on where you are: mapping your work life

Day 2: What else is out there for me? 

Day 3: Visualizing yourself in a new role and tackling imposter syndrome 

Day 4: Generating your full list of Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities 

Day 5: Listing accomplishments and metrics 

Day 6: Resume writing I – De-teacher-ize your resume

Day 7: Resume writing II – Including compelling metrics 

Day 8: Resume writing III – Get your resume past the machine screeners 

Day 9: Getting the most out of LinkedIn

Day 10: Cover letters made easy 

Day 11: Selling you: your elevator pitch

Day 12: Informational interviews

Day 13: Mid-point self-assessment: taking the temperature 

Day 14: Tailoring your resume for different industries and roles 

Day 15: Interview preparation I – Creating an interview bank 

Day 16: Interview preparation II – How to answer any interview question 

Day 17: Interviewing – How to get the offer 

Day 18: References 

Day 19: Negotiating 

Day 20: The emotional dimensions of leaving teaching

Day 21: Get out there: creating a plan and taking action 


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