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What is coaching? How does it work?

Coaching is an interactive and iterative process designed to target the areas where you need to see tangible, visible changes in performance—in this case as a candidate for jobs beyond the classroom. I help my clients achieve their goals through conversations and assignments designed to shift your thinking, your perceptions,  and the behaviors that actualize your potential and bring about a better quality of life for you.

In general, I work to help you clarify your goals (even if you feel totally lost and stuck and don’t know where to begin), pinpoint what is getting in your way, and target those areas that we would need to address in order to bring about the changes you want to see in your professional life. Perhaps surprisingly, my clients often approach me with particular objectives and leave with an even more expansive view of themselves and their potential. 

How much does career coaching cost with you?

My one-on-one career coaching is separate from the services listed on my services page. One-on-one, live coaching with me is separate from my resume, cover letter, and job application help (although they can and should be a part of career coaching with me).

My coaching is designed to help you to navigate the identity issues that come from pivoting in your career, dealing with Imposter Syndrome, struggles with getting started on your job search, helping you locate open job opportunities that align with your interests and goals, clarifying the transferable skills you have and “un-teachering” yourself as a job candidate, or any other issues you’re facing. My coaching is available through a live coaching session or a 5-email exchange consult. The rate for either format is $400. 

What are the rules for working with you?

To manage the demand for my services and the client load that comes with so many educators leaving the profession, I have some non-negotiable policies:  

1) Plan ahead for deadlines. While I would love to help everyone on a quick turnaround basis, the fact is, I must have advance notice (at least 48 hours) of all deadlines. My rush fee (any request that you’d like me to address in less than 48 hours) is $100 on top of the fee for that service listed on the services page. 

2) I work with Google Drive only so that all edits are retained and for version control.

3) Clients must make demonstrable and clear attempts at applying my advice and edits in any back-and-forth document editing. Although I will provide you with templates I’ve created, work we do together must ultimately be your work.  

How far in advance should I book with you?

I’m typically booked out 3 weeks in advance. If you wish to work together, please let me know as soon as possible.

How fast do you turn things around to me?

My maximum turnaround time is 4 business days. I typically return documents within 48 hours. 

Do you work with people who aren’t educators?

Yes. I have experience in a number of industries and have 5 years of experience teaching business and technical writing wherein I taught the fundamentals of resume and cover letter writing at the college level across all industries. 

Do you guarantee that I will secure the job I am pursuing?

As your coach, I can guarantee I will engage all of my skills, knowledge, experience and industry contacts to help you to the maximum of my ability. Not every client that works with me gets the job they’re aiming for. However, they do gain a marked improvement in clarity, direction, confidence, and market knowledge. My clients’ documents and self-presentation as strong candidates for jobs beyond teaching are vastly improved without question.

Do you offer discounts?

I am committed to supporting the advancement of Black and Indigenous women and do offer financial support for these communities in an effort to counter racism and white privilege.

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